Made at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler

We keep our jewelry shop busy creating pieces of jewelry art. We are always looking for a new medium to create exclusive pieces that will make a wonderful jewelry moment.

A few years ago I was introduced to a jewelry artist that learned from his father the art of creating true jewelry mosaics. This artist takes many different types of natural gemstones and combines them into beautiful inlaid wonders so we can make them into beautiful pieces of jewelry. He includes many interesting stones in his work such as turquoise, dinosaur bone, lapis, abalone shell, opal, black jade, rainbow chalcedony, and apatite. With his wonderful artistic ability, he matches these gems, cuts them to shape, divides them with a small solid gold wire and polishes the surface. The result is a single intarsia, each with its unique beauty.

After we purchase these pieces of art done by this Colorado craftsman, it is our job to decide how to set them to make a beautiful custom piece of jewelry. In the pieces we have done to date, we have used 18k yellow gold hand made bezels or prongs to turn the intarsia into pendants or cuff links. Marsha designs the piece so it complements the shape geometric design of the stones. Here are some examples of our newest pieces in the collection.

Each piece in this collection is totally unique and will not be replicated. When you buy from this collection, you are getting an individual piece of art that a huge amount of thought and effort went into creating. All of these pieces will become a center of attraction and conversation for years to come. This is a limited collection. If one of these pieces intrigues you, don't hesitate to call while they last. 

At Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler we enjoy making jewelry that is art. It is one of our passions of our business to use our knowledge and craftsmanship to create these one and only pieces of jewelry.