We Are Looking For Big Diamonds

If you have diamonds for sale, we are the place to sell them. At Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler we can definitely help you out when you need to sell a large diamond.

Due to many circumstances diamonds become available. We are always in search for larger diamonds. We take pride in offering the fairest prices in the Kansas City area for diamonds. In our state of the art diamond laboratory we can evaluate the quality of your diamond and offer a fair price based on today's market. 

When we evaluate diamonds, many people have retail diamond appraisals. We cannot offer a retail price for your diamond, but base our offer on a fair industry cost basis. This process allows the person selling a diamond to get a fair price for their stone and at the same time our future clients will be able to buy at a very fair price.

When you bring in a larger diamond to sell we first evaluate the stone to determine the quality and size. If you happen to have a diamond certificate for your diamond this is very useful information and will enhance the value of your stone. Once the evaluation is done we look at our current industry average cost for a similar stone to determine what we can offer. If our clients accept our approximate offer for the diamond we then need to remove the stone from its setting, determine its exact weight, verify the 4Cs and make sure there are no chips or breaks in the stone. If the offer holds true, we then write you a check for your diamond. We have been using this same diamond buying process for years and each step is a very important part to make sure we are getting what we are paying for and our clients are getting the highest price possible.  

If you have large diamonds to sell, call us to make an appointment at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler. We will pay you the highest price possible for you gem.