What is your metal choice? Platinum or Gold?

Many times when starting a custom project, one question that needs to be answered is what metal should be used for this project.

One of the many benefits of having custom jewelry made is the freedom to choose what metal a piece is composed of and what, if any precious gems to include. Many people are familiar with gold jewelry including yellow, white, green and rose gold options. White gold being a mixture of gold and other metals to give the appearance of being white, such as nickel, manganese or palladium. Combining gold with another 'white' metal changes the outward appearance and makes the metal more durable. The final process when using white gold for your jewelry is plating the jewelry with rhodium (a metal in the platinum family) to make the appearance even more bright and white. When picking white gold it should be noted that rhodium plating is a process that will need to be done in the future as the rhodium will slowly wear off over time. White gold is a good alternative for platinum as it can be more economical.

Other metals used for jewelry are yellow gold, rose gold and green gold. Yellow gold has been popular forever. It wears exceptionally well and of course does not need any plating to keep its color vibrant. Yellow gold is very easy to maintain and can be brought back to a beautiful and bright polish easily. Rose gold has been popular since the mid 1800s and used to be called Russian gold. The gold is alloyed with copper to give it its beautiful rosy appearance. We have done many fashion rings, engagement rings, necklaces and bracelets in rose gold over the years. I think it makes a wonderful fashion statement and sets your jewelry apart. We have used green gold many times to complement custom pieces. We recently made a beautiful pendant with a watermelon tourmaline and included a vine around the pendant in green gold. 

Platinum is the premium metal to be used for jewelry. The longevity, wearability and durability is much higher than gold. Over time it wears to a beautiful patina. Platinum also does not need to be rhodium plated as it is a pure white metal. Platinum shares the color appearance of white gold but does not require rhodium plating. Platinum is a rare element and this fact contributes to its relatively higher price when compared to gold. Most of the true vintage jewelry we see is made of platinum as it was the metal of choice for years and years. 

Another metal used for jewelry, in the same noble metal family as platinum is palladium. Palladium is lighter than platinum. A ring made of palladium will feel lighter than the exact same ring cast in platinum. When considering cost, it is good to know that palladium is priced about the same as white gold. Palladium will not need rhodium plating.

When considering your next custom jewelry project take a moment to consider the many options in metal choices. Depending on the gemstone you are using for the centerpiece, different metal options can complement the gem to enhance its beautiful color. 

Stop in to Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler to design your next custom piece of jewelry in the metal that complements you and the project you are considering.