Different Ideas to Reset Your Mother's Diamonds

I believe that part of the essence of jewelry is to re-purpose diamonds from the past. There is nothing more intriguing than being able to look at the ring you are wearing daily, knowing that it was on the hand of a loved one years ago.

If you have been gifted or inherited a diamond from you mother, grandmother, friend or other relative, there is a world of possibilities when it comes to creating modern, personalized and sentimental jewelry for your future.

Many antique pieces of jewelry may seem to be tattered and unwearable. With the special skills of Marsha, the Master Jeweler and our incredible array of state of the art equipment we can take most worn out pieces of jewelry and turn them into a new wearable heirloom treasure.

First, a courteous consideration should be made as to whether the person who gifted you diamond jewelry has strong wishes about you wearing the piece as is. Often jewelry can be given, but it may not be your style or it may even need too much repair to wear daily. In that case, creating a new custom piece of jewelry to highlight an heirloom gemstone is a great idea. A very straightforward rejuvenation for jewelry might be to simply recreate the jewelry piece’s design but use a different metal. If yellow gold isn’t your style, perhaps grandma's diamond set in platinum will give it new life that you enjoy everyday.

You can take existing jewelry and turn it into almost anything.

  • A ring’s stone can be removed and put into another ring setting or placed in a pendant

  • A pendant’s stone can be removed and used in a ring, with other side diamonds

  • Items with multiple diamonds such as bracelets can be repurposed into matching sets of earrings and a pendant

  • A brooch or pin’s diamonds can be separated into earrings or repurposed into a multi stone ring

We delight in creating custom jewelry from treasures from the past in our Overland Park jewelry studio that represents individual personality as well as important family history and memories. The first step when creating a new piece from existing jewelry is to remove and inspect the gemstones. After inspection and finding out the exact sizes of your gemstones we can then start developing a design and model for the new piece of jewelry. If you have existing images of jewelry that inspire you, we encourage you to bring those in and share as we begin the design phase. After a design is approved, a model is made and the jewelry is cast in the metal of you choice. The last step is setting any gemstones and a final polish. This is a fun experience and gives a great story to tell about how your new piece of jewelry was created. 

Here are many examples of different custom projects using stones from the past.

Being able to repurpose diamonds from the past is one of our greatest pleasures. They are a fun project to share with our clients and the end result gives a wonderful piece of jewelry that will be enjoyed for years. Stop in to Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler in Overland Park to repurpose your jewelry from the past.