Electrifying and Elegant Emeralds for May Birthdays

Emeralds make you think of Spring bringing nature to life, the lush and rich green hue of emerald can be appreciated by everyone. If you were born in May emerald is your birthstone. Emeralds are also used to commemorate the twentieth and thirty-fifth wedding anniversaries.

Emeralds are the same species of mineral as aquamarine believe it or not. That mineral species is called beryl. Emerald is one variety of beryl, while aquamarine is another. The presence of the elements iron, vanadium and chromium and their combination levels dictate the intensity of green in an emerald. And it is the intensity and clarity of green that most strongly dictates the cost and value of each emerald gemstone.

The unique physical characteristics of the land surrounding where emeralds are formed influences their color. Often light green emeralds are found in South America, specifically Colombia. While a deeper green colored gem is often the result of mining in Afghanistan. The earliest recorded emerald mines were in Egypt, dating back to approximately 330 BC and continuing into the 1700s. It is common belief that Cleopatra had a great affinity for emerald, and it was used in much of her royal adornments. Some legends about emerald say that wearing emeralds can give the wearer the ability to see the future and that the gem can protect against evil spells.

Rough Emerald

Rough Emerald

Cutting emeralds requires a highly skilled technician as emeralds often naturally have fissures due to how they are made in the earth. Most emeralds have inclusions, with usually black or white flaws. Finding an emerald that is without flaws is very rare and take the price to extremely high levels. Another factor to consider when buying an emerald is that they are fragile. I have sold emeralds over the years that have been in rings and still look great after 30 years. Others may have cracked or broken within the first few months.It is important to keep in mind while wearing emeralds on a daily basis, that they are fragile. Even though they are somewhat fragile, I do suggest emeralds as they are definitely, in my opinion, the most beautiful green gemstone.

There are also lab created synthetic emeralds, developed originally by the Chatham Company. These emeralds are flux grown and authentic but lab created. These lab grown emeralds are available in all shapes and sizes and have a delightful green color with very few flaws. The price of synthetic emeralds is considerably less than emeralds developed in nature and mined.

Whether you are interested in vintage emerald rings or perhaps an emerald and diamond band, we can find or create a unique and beautiful piece of jewelry that showcases the elegant beauty of an emerald gemstone.