Making Shopping Easier at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler

At Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler we always strive to improve your jewelry experience.

We are embarking upon some wonderful website upgrades to improve your jewelry buying experience. With this new and upgraded online presence we hope to provide you with great features to help you educate yourself, pre-shop items, and get ideas for custom jewelry.

Features available on our new website will include:

  • Easier access to our diamond inventory
  • A larger catalog selection with more products to view
  • The ability for customers to review products
  • The ability for me to review products
  • Easy sharing of jewelry ideas with loved ones through social media
  • Easy pre-shopping our items in inventory
  • Pictures that illustrate more jewelry options including metal and gemstone options
  • Easier navigation through our website, helping you find what you need

At my family's business,  Dolgin's, we used a large printed catalog that was distributed to thousands of people to pre-shop. Clients kept these catalogs as wishbooks for future purchases for the holidays and other special occasions. This is much the same idea that we are trying to build into our website. 

We do not believe that buying jewelry online is prudent because it is our opinion that there are too many variables when it comes to manufacturing quality levels. When you buy online, you also do not get the service that jewelry requires such as sizing, clean and check, and appraisals. We have seen many instances where pictures look great online but this cannot show you if a ring is poorly crafted, perhaps made of thin metal, poor quality setting or bad finishing. We encourage our customers to use the internet to get a jewelry education that will enhance your purchase when meeting face to face with a professional jeweler. A true jewelry professional can guide you through your purchase, using their experience to be sure you buy a ring that is practical to wear on a daily basis. A true jewelry professional will stand behind your purchase, offering regular free clean and checks, appraisal updates, very fair prices on any maintenance that needs to be performed. None of these things can be offered when jewelry is purchased online. 

Another great use of the internet is gathering information and inspiration for a custom project. Many of our clients will use Pinterest and other websites to help get ideas for the jewelry piece of their dreams. Many clients bring in collection of pictures that we can take and combine to make beautiful custom jewelry. I have many clients that have done extensive research to come up with the exact designs, which we can then implement in our studio to make the perfect individual piece of art. 

Stay tuned, we will keep you informed as the new web pages develop. We look to forward to continuing to offer you a wonderful jewelry shopping experience at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler.