Insuring Your Jewelry Is A Wise Choice

At Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler part of our job is to help you protect your valuable jewelry. We highly suggest securing a good insurance policy to protect your jewelry from a loss. The company we most often suggest is Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company. 

I have used Jewelers Mutual to insure my inventory, business, and client's jewelry while in my possession for many many years. I have had a wonderful experience with Jewelers Mutual over the years. They also offer personal jewelry insurance for my clients. Recently they have enhanced the coverage for individuals and in my opinion are doing a wonderful job both in supplying the insurance to individuals as well as settling claims quickly and efficiently.

A service we provide is advising you on how to insure your valuable jewelry. We make suggestions based on our past experience, but we are not agents for any insurance company. We do not receive commissions and any claims will be sent directly to your insurance company.

Insuring with a specialized company such as Jewelers Mutual has many benefits. Jewelers Mutual has been protecting jewelry since 1913. You may wonder why we don't suggest that you add your jewelry to your home owners insurance. The main reason is that if you unfortunately had a jewelry loss, submitting a claim on your homeowner's policy could impact your future insurance rates and your ability to have flexibility with your insurance policy. Jewelers Mutual specializes only in jewelry insurance. If a prized piece of insured jewelry is stolen, lost, damaged, or mysteriously disappears your other insurance accounts won't be impacted. Additionally, Jewelers Mutual will have your jewelry information on hand, they can quickly and accurately determine how to assist you with your claim to get your jewelry replaced. Jewelers Mutual are true jewelry experts and can be of great help after a loss.

Jewelers Mutual has recently introduced a new program to make insuring your jewelry simple. First of all you can go to their website online at and follow the directions online. From the feedback from my clients, it literally takes minutes to insure your jewelry. Another very convenient way to apply for coverage with Jewelers Mutual is to use their new app "LINK" on my iPad right in my office. Together we can submit your jewelry information to request a quote. Additionally we can walk through the insurance application process including uploading an image of your jewelry appraisal or receipt and lab report. Jewelers Mutual covers earrings, bracelets, rings, watches, necklaces, pendants, charms and smart jewelry.

Apply for Jewelers Mutual Insurance in my office 

Apply for Jewelers Mutual Insurance in my office 

As a private jeweler we feel it is our responsibility to use our past experience to advise you about all aspects of your jewelry experience. Insuring your jewelry is a very important part of responsibly owning jewelry so you can wear it without worry. Stop in to Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler in Overland Park Kansas for your personal jewelry needs.