Anniversary Season Is Here - Is a New Anniversary Band In Your Future?

Adding a new anniversary band can be a wonderful gift for an upcoming wedding anniversary. Whether is be an eternity band, shadow band, matching wedding band or a wrap around band all could be great gifts for your loved one.

With anniversaries coming up surprise your loved one with a new band. There are more types of wedding bands than I can describe in this blog. Here are some of the alternatives available. 

The first band I would like to describe is an eternity band. Many people feel that eternity bands relay the idea that your relationship will last forever, an eternity. An eternity band is the type where the gemstones go all the way around the finger. These come in many different designs using different shaped gemstones, both diamonds and color gemstones. An eternity band can be worn next to an engagement ring or independently to make its own fashion statement. Many people wear these eternity bands as stackable rings, which makes a wonderful fashion statement.


A shadow band is a band that is made specifically to go next to an engagement ring. It has to be custom made to shadow around the engagement ring fitting next to it perfectly. When creating a shadow band, we pick up the design of the engagement ring and carry it into the shadow band. 

Matching wedding band can be any type of wedding band that looks good alongside an existing engagement ring. There are a multitude of styles and designs that can match nicely with one's engagement ring. You can be creative by adding color gemstones such as sapphires or rubies to a matching wedding band.

Many clients choose to have a trio of rings. This trio includes the engagement ring and original wedding band, matching a new band, to be worn on the other side of the rings. These are usually soldered together to make a beautiful three ring set. 

Independent wedding bands can be of any style imaginable and worn by themselves to make a fashion statement. These bands can be wide and from an estate collection or narrow using a multitude of colored gemstones. The only limits to a wedding band design are your imagination. 

As you can see from our gallery there are a multitude of wedding band designs that can be added to an existing ring or worn independently. Whatever the choice, we have a wonderful selection in stock or we can custom craft whatever your heart desires. 

Stop in to Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler to inquire about a custom band to make this anniversary one that will never be forgotten.