Making A Beautiful Ring

One of my favorite clients inherited a spectacular pear shape diamond from her mother. We created a beautiful ring for her to wear daily, using a beautiful heirloom diamond as the centerpiece.

My client inherited a collection of beautiful jewelry from her mother. We went over this collection of jewelry and evaluated and appraised items for her insurance. At the time we did this, my client wasn't ready to take these pieces and make them into jewelry that could be worn on a daily basis. After much thought and coaxing from her husband she decided to take a spectacular 3.50 carat pear shape diamond from a pendant and turn it into a ring she could wear on a regular basis. 

My client brought in some design ideas for us to review. After much discussion to figure out how to remount this stone, we came up with a beautiful halo design with diamonds on the band. We also made the ring so that in the future we could incorporate stackable rings on either side of this gem. Because of the intricacies of this custom design, we decided to use the CAD/CAM computer design process. We incorporated many of our ideas and lessons from past custom projects to make this a wearable ring with a lot of small intricacies in the design. 

After we established the design for this beautiful pear shape diamond we sent the file to be used to create a 3D wax model so the ring could be cast in platinum. After casting the ring, the rough casting came to our shop to be cleaned up, pre-polished, diamonds set and the final polish accomplished. The large pear shape diamond set up in a spectacular fashion. I supplied beautiful side diamonds for the halo and band using approximately 1.0 total carat weight in G color, VS clarity. We are very proud of this custom project and our client was delighted with the beauty of this ring. 


Creating custom jewelry is truly our favorite types of projects. Bringing new life to an heirloom gem is a fantastic adventure. The fascination of taking a piece of jewelry from the past and turning it into a piece of jewelry that can be worn on a daily basis is one of our favorite passions. If the jewelry from the past could only tell stories of the history it has seen, it would truly be remarkable.

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