Creating A Spectacular Ring

One of my dear friends and clients introduced me to a wonderful couple that was in need of replacing their lost wedding ring. And so the project began...

The most fun about creating this spectacular ring was meeting my new clients. They are the most cordial and fun people that I have worked with in ages. Having clients of this caliber makes creating custom jewelry easy for us. My new clients lost their wedding ring. After weeks of searching it was time to start the process of replacement. After my dear friend introduced us we established the shape of the new center diamond and decided that a ring similar to her original wedding ring would be the appropriate design for years to come. We went through a number of diamonds and after deciding upon a round brilliant, picked the size, cut, color and clarity for the center stone. The diamond she chose was superb quality, having excellent cut grade, excellent symmetry and excellent polish, making it as described by my dear friend and diamond source, a 'very sexy diamond'. When I passed this description along to my clients they loved this definition to describe their diamond and enjoyed a humorous moment picking this beautiful stone. I matched all of the side diamonds to the center, using GIA certified side diamonds of the best quality available.

The next phase was to come up with the exact design to hold the 'sexy diamond'. They provided me with a picture of her original wedding ring. We discussed the pros and cons of her original ring design and we took these points into consideration when designing the new ring. The diamonds coming down the shank in the old design were very uncomfortable on my client's fingers, but she loved many other aspects of the ring. We came up with a new ring design using updated features from the lost ring. We then had a plastic model made for my client to try on to make sure the new ring wouldn't cause her any discomfort and confirm the size was comfortable on her finger. After modifying the design again we came up with a state of the art model.  We had the model cast in platinum using all the modern methods to come up with a spectacular platinum wedding ring.

Marsha started her magic, cleaning up the casting, pre-polishing, setting all the diamonds and doing a spectacular final polish. The result is one of the coolest custom rings we have ever produced.

It is truly a pleasure to help wonderful people with their jewelry needs. One of the best parts of being a jeweler is creating beautiful pieces that have tremendous emotional worth to the wearer.

Meeting new people and creating jewelry that will be cherished for years to come is one of my main passions and I am proud to say this ring was custom crafted in our studio at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler.