Making A Unique Band

One of the greatest benefits of designing custom jewelry is getting your jewelry exactly the way you want.

Get the ring exactly as you like it, don't settle for the choices in the display case. Many times the options you would like in your jewelry are not available when picking a stock ring from a retail jewelry store. A client found a design that intrigued them but was not exactly the ring they wanted. The client went online to research custom jewelry in the Kansas City area and through the wonderful website work created by my son found our jewelry studio.

The client brought their ideas to us to start a custom band project. After looking at the general design and listening to the client's wishes in our custom jewelry studio we were able to add and adapt all of the design aspects they desired. They wanted a certain width, platinum metal, comfort fit and eight gemstones. We suggested using beautiful Ceylon blue sapphires as they look spectacular when set in platinum metal. I searched and found eight matched beautiful small Ceylon sapphires that truly complemented the band. We agreed to have a beveled edge on the ring which complemented the square design. After combining all of these ideas we made a CAD design that the clients approved. Working with CAD design on the computer is a great experience both for us and our clients. CAD designs allow the clients to see all aspects of the jewelry and allows them to make changes of any type. From this CAD design a 3D plastic model was created. Having the 3D plastic model allowed our clients to preview the final design aspects, fit, and to better visualize the final product. 

Once the approval was finalized the file was sent to be cast in platinum using the newest technology to get a superior platinum casting. Once the casting arrived it was cleaned up and made ready to set the Ceylon sapphires. The sapphires are bezel set adding to the wonderful design of the ring. The contrast between the platinum and the blue of the sapphires is beautiful. 

Here are some images of the custom jewelry design process and final product.


The clients were delighted when we delivered the finished ring. It truly had all of the aspects of design that they desired.

One of my passions is creating unique jewelry pieces to please my clients wishes. I really believe in this case we achieved our goals. Come see us at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler in Overland Park Kansas to start your own custom jewelry project.