A Fantastic Custom Ring Project

It was my pleasure to recently work with two new clients, a delightful young couple who decided to use my services to replace their lost wedding ring.

A young couple stopped in to replace a missing wedding ring. The wedding ring had been lost and after they had exhausted all hope of finding the original ring, they began a quest to replace the ring. They came in with pictures with the idea to make it as close to the original as possible but improving the ring in many ways. We started the design concept on CAD/CAM and after an initial approval and the decision to cast these rings in platinum instead of gold we moved forward. One decision that was made was to make the outside bands better match the center ring. We did this by having the diamonds stop halfway down the shank, matching the center rings outside rows of round diamonds exactly. Here are pictures of the CAD design as part of the process for approval of the new rings.

Once the design was totally approved and we were waiting for the rings to be cast by the best platinum casters in the country, I started picking the diamonds for this fabulous ring. I matched all the stones exactly using only G to F color and VS clarity ideal cut diamonds. Once the casting was done, Marsha started her magic by cleaning up the casting and setting all the diamonds. The final process was putting gorgeous finish on the rings and soldering them together. The end result was some of the most beautiful rings we have produced. I am very proud of the results of this project and happy to have a new wonderful client. Here are images of the finished project.

If you have a custom jewelry project in mind or need to duplicate a ring from the past, stop in to Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler to take advantage of our experience from many past jewelry projects.