The Holidays Were Fun. Are the Bills Piling Up?

Everyone gets into the holiday spirit and has all the best intentions of getting gifts for all of our friends and loved ones. But in January, reality sets in that we have bills to pay.

A sure way to help pay these bills may be to sell old scrap gold or jewelry that may be sitting around and hasn't been worn for years. Gold prices are still very strong, making it a good time to cash in your unwanted gold or platinum. We also buy diamonds and offer the best prices in the metropolitan area. 

It is important to remind clients that when I buy jewelry, I may not be interested in everything brought into my shop. Clients have to remember that I do not pay retail prices that are stated on most appraisals or on your sales receipt. Retail prices include labor, casting, polishing, diamond setting, marketing, and taxes. When I am buying, I am making you an offer for the raw materials only. There are certain cases where I will buy a unique quality piece of jewelry, or antique jewelry and pay a premium if I feel there is a market to resell the items as an entire piece. 

Unfortunately, I feel there are many people who stop in to see me and are under the impression that their money problems are over and my store is automatically a source of quick cash. For items I buy, I do pay fair prices based on the current scrap metal value. Since this is a jewelry business the goal of each purchase is to make a small profit. It is not that I want to insult you about the appearance or quality of your jewelry, but my decision not to buy an item is based on market considerations and being able to get a proper return on my investment. 

The information below is helpful to keep in mind when selling jewelry for scrap. Gold used when creating jewelry is mixed with an alloy metal during fabrication to improve strength of the metal and also make gold more affordable. Copper, silver and nickel are often used as alloys in the jewelry industry. Here is a chart showing the percent of pure gold after metal alloys are added.

  • 100% pure gold  = 24 karat
  • 91.7 % pure gold =  22 karat
  • 75.0 % pure gold =  18 karat
  • 58.5 % pure gold=  14 karat
  • 41.6 % pure gold =  10 karat

When you bring your gold jewelry in to Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler, the price we offer is calculated based upon the pure gold content. I do not pay for the amount of alloy present in any jewelry items you wish to sell.

We try to pay as high a price as possible for diamonds we are interested in. The price I pay for diamonds is based on the current industry wholesale cost. Additionally if I buy a diamond from an individual, it needs to have a competitive value and quality compared to the diamonds I purchase from my industry sources.

When you bring in your item to sell we test the gold karat value in our jewelry lab. We also conduct diamond testing and inspect your diamond with a diamond scope. The process to sell your unwanted jewelry items is very simple when dealing with Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler.

  1. You set an appointment to bring in your jewelry.
  2. If I have interest in your items I will make you a fair offer based on gold prices and today's cost for diamonds. 
  3. If you accept my offer I write you a check. 

If you have unused, unwanted old gold, platinum or diamonds come to Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler in Overland Park Kansas to turn your old treasures into cash.

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