Clean and Check Your Jewelry

We recently sent out an email to our clients reminding everyone of the importance of regular clean and checks of their jewelry. The response has been amazing.

We remind our clients at least twice a year to stop in to get their jewelry cleaned and checked. For some reason the last email that we sent out got many of you to stop by and get your jewelry checked. Cleaning and checking your jewelry is the best insurance policy to make sure your gemstones will stay intact. If you purchased your jewelry from Richard Dolgin your clean and checks are free of charge. People wear their jewelry on a daily basis and actually forget it is there. Some people never take their rings off and don’t realize how dirty they get or that prongs that hold their gemstones in place are worn away. A simple clean and check which may lead to a simple repair is an easy way to keep your jewelry looking beautiful and saving yourself from an expensive event.

When you bring in your jewelry to be cleaned and checked we first of all check the structure of your ring to make sure there are no cracks or worn parts. Then we check all the stones to make sure they are tight and resting securely. Many times at this point we will perform a light polishing of the metal and a final steaming of your jewelry to make it sparkle. If we find and issue you may have to leave your jewelry for a repair. A normal clean and check takes approximately five to ten minutes but can save you hours of time and money by detecting a problem before a loss.

Using our state of the art equipment and our years of knowledge we can keep your jewelry intact as well as beautiful.