Flowers in Our Jewelry Studio

Marsha and I love to grow plants of any type. Years ago we started accumulating African violets and a couple of nice orchids in our jewelry studio.

Years ago Marsha used to grow and judge African violets. When I was a little boy, my grandmother got me started loving and appreciating growing plants of all types, especially African violets. Marsha and I have combined our love for plants in our jewelry studio to make it more fun. We stared with just a few plants many years ago and have added to the collection over time. The plants help us stay grounded and good vibes the plants provide are reflected in many of our jewelry designs. In our upcoming holiday wish book, we actually are featuring jewelry photographs taken in our studio using our flowers as the backdrop. This was a really fun challenge to combine jewelry with the vivid colors of the orchids and violets. I am looking forward to everyone seeing this book and I am very proud of the way the photographs complemented the jewelry.

Here are some recent photographs of flowers in our studio.

Stop by our studio to of course see our jewelry, but also to get a tour of our wonderful flower collection.