Mixing and Matching Wedding Band Styles

At Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler we have noticed a fun trend in wedding band styles. Many customers are opting to mix and match different wedding band styles.

Traditionally, weddings bands match the style of the engagement ring both in stone shape, size, and setting style. A new trend we are seeing is that wedding bands don’t need to match at all. Clients are requesting bands that may be different color metals, stone shape, stone size and completely different setting styles. At first I was taken aback with this trend, as Marsha and I usually suggest designs that are very symmetrical and work hard to creating wedding band designs that are close a match to the engagement ring as possible. As you can see by our recent post card and email blast we are now all in with new style concept.

We are currently working on a couple of projects where we are mixing and matching wedding band styles such as white and yellow gold bands surrounding a rose gold engagement ring. Another project we are currently working on has an engagement ring with a half halo mixing round and pear shaped diamonds and a wedding band designed to complete the halo featuring only round diamonds.

If you are looking for a very eclectic wedding ring combination, bring your ideas to Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler and we will turn them into a beautiful reality.