The Popularity of Rose Gold Continues

Rose gold jewelry makes such a wonderful statement and can highlight gemstones in a dramatic way.

Adding a twist of rose gold to your jewelry has never been more popular. Rose gold truly makes your jewelry stand out and highlights the beauty of most color gemstones. Rose gold looks especially good with pink stones including kunzite, pink sapphire, and pink tourmaline. This last holiday season we crafted a rose gold diamond bracelet, a rose gold station necklace with diamonds, purple amethyst ring and others and we literally sold out of all of these rose gold jewelry items. Rose gold has been around since the 1800s and at one point was called Russian gold. Rose gold gets it unique color from the addition of copper to yellow gold to create its beautiful pink hue. 

Starting a collection of rose gold jewelry can be fun, adding to the collection for special occasions in the future. Staring with a beautiful ring, then a bracelet, pendant and earrings can make you a gift giving hero. Here is an example of a beautiful rose gold ring that we just finished in our shop. The center stone is a round genuine pink sapphire with diamond accents. The ring has an antique flair and is wearable on a daily basis. This ring has gorgeous engraving and milligrain edges to highlight its vintage look.

rose gold.jpg

Here are pictures of some of the other rose gold jewelry we have custom crafted in our Overland Park jewelry studio. 

For some next jewelry purchase think about rose gold. It is timeless and makes a beautiful jewelry statement. Stop by Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler to design your next jewelry project in rose gold.