Caring For Your Fine Jewelry With Regular Clean and Checks

To protect your prized jewelry it is very important to have a regular schedule for cleaning and checking your jewelry.

Fine jewelry is often valued not only because of the prized rare materials that make up a ring, pendant or set of earrings, but also because of the memories associated with the occasion when they were received or the person who purchased such a prized gift. I encourage all of my clients to bring in their jewelry at least once a year for a clean and check, twice a year is even better.

This regular care can help your jewelry last longer and prevent a stressful loss of a gemstone. With jewelry that features beautiful gemstones a clean and check is a great way for me to assess if prongs are still tightly keeping your gem in place in a piece of jewelry. Over time as with any item prongs get loose due to normal wear and tear or occasionally getting snagged by fabric.

It is a much more economical use of your time and money to have a prong tightened, bezel repaired or channels rebuilt, than to replace a diamond or other gemstone. However be assured that if you do require replacement of a diamond or other gemstone I have many sources in the industry from which I can find a perfect and economical replacement.

When you bring your jewelry in for a clean and check I ask you to leave it with us in our jewelry studio for a short time so we can conduct a full and professional inspection and cleaning. For bracelets we inspect clasps and gemstone settings, for earrings, rings and pendants we inspect the prongs, channels or bezels holding gemstones.  If we find that repairs are necessary we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss what repairs are needed. I am happy to personally show you the parts of your jewelry item that has experienced damage and inform you about the steps needed to bring your jewelry back to its former glory.

In our state of the art jewelry studio we use best practice techniques we have learned during our long professional jewelry careers in combination with modern tools such as our laser welder to provide the best jewelry repair in the Kansas City area.


One of the best parts of being a jeweler is helping clients continue to enjoy their jewelry on a daily basis. We know how personal and important fine jewelry is to each person and treat each clean, check and repair with the highest level of importance.

Give us a call at Richard Dolgin private jeweler to schedule a time for your fine jewelry clean and check.