Sell Your Unwanted Diamonds and Gold

If you have old jewelry that you don't wear or have inherited, you can turn it into cash.

Many times people forget about old jewelry that is tucked away in a safety deposit box, jewelry box or drawer that could be turned into dollars. We enjoy working with individuals and assessing the value of their treasures in a professional manner and paying the fairest price possible. People need to remember that when selling old jewelry, unless it is rare heirloom or piece of art, it probably will not bring what they paid on a retail level. Just because a piece is old doesn't mean it has great value as there were many different levels of quality in manufacturing years and years ago.

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When buying a piece of jewelry, the retail price is determined by all of the cost factors that go into making that piece of jewelry. These cost factors include: labor, taxes, metal prices, casting cost, assembly, setting work, design time and polishing and finishing. When selling a piece of jewelry for scrap, you will get the value for the pure metal and a price based on a wholesale cost for the gemstones. We cannot pay an individual more than a piece of jewelry will cost us to make. Many people look at jewelry as an investment and feel the appraised price is what they can expect to get when selling that piece of jewelry. I am sorry to say that is not the case. The value detailed in an appraisal is for retail replacement should a piece of jewelry be lost or stolen. This retail replacement value includes all of the cost factors mentioned above such as labor, taxes, metal prices, casting cost, assembly, setting work, design time and polishing and finishing.  We pay as fair a price as possible based on metal and gemstone market prices.

We do pay a premium for designer jewelry, true vintage items of quality, and certified large diamonds. If your jewelry has paperwork that confirms its authenticity, such as diamond reports or history of the designer, bring that with the piece you want to sell as it will add to the value.

We use all the modern techniques to evaluate your jewelry and to check the authenticity of  your gemstones. In our laboratory we can test gold and diamonds to make sure they are what they are supposed to be. This lets us determine a fair market value to pay you the proper price for your valuables. 

Turn unneeded jewels from the past into cash. Stop in to Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler so I can be of assistance.