A gift for that upcoming anniversary

As Spring approaches, your anniversary is probably around the corner. A new piece of jewelry makes the perfect gift to commemorate this important date.

Bracelets are the perfect gift. Whether is be a bangle bracelet, cuff bracelet, diamond bracelet or link bracelet there is a style for every taste. Over the years we have developed a beautiful collection of bracelets designed and made in our Overland Park studio. Each design is truly a piece of art. Each year we try to come up with a totally new design using new materials and techniques to create a beautiful new result. The bracelet project started eight years ago when a client wanted to make a beautiful bracelet to feature a coin they had inherited. Marsha using her artistic abilities created sketches of four bracelets that became the basis for our first designs.

Through the years we have taken these original designs and added coins of all types to the bracelets. These projects have been a delight to make and at the same time using many coins from past generations, putting them into a new wearable mode. Another material we have used in the bracelet collection is mokume gane. Mokume is an interesting process taking all different types of metal billets and pressing and combining them into an interesting pattern. This is the same process that was used years ago to make Samurai swords.

People have actually made molds of the insides of coral and cactus due to the interesting natural patterns. Once these molds are produced, they are cast using different metals. We work with these metals to make fascinating bracelets. The metals used are usually bronze silver and gold.

Another interesting bracelet we have created recently is the wave bracelet. In our shop we take sheets of silver and run them through our mill next to different patterns to make the waves. One of the newest bracelets we have created is made from reticulated silver. Reticulated silver has a very interesting pattern that adapts itself very well to beautiful bracelet design. We buy the reticulated silver in sheets and then build the bracelet in different widths from the silver adding gold and diamond to accent the design.

We are constantly playing with new ideas to make new bracelets that are totally unique. Sometimes the designs work and the outcome is a fascinating piece of art. Other times the design idea we have just does not work. But this trial and error is part of the fun of creating unique bracelets that sell at reasonable prices. Here is a gallery of some of the bracelets we have made over the years and continue to produce in the Bracelet Collection.


We are constantly looking for new ideas to create bracelets as art. If you have a design for a bracelet you have been wanting or a beautiful coin you have inherited, stop into Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler so we can start a custom bracelet project for you.