Natural Purple Sapphire

A great gemstone option when purple is your favorite color is a vibrant natural purple sapphire. 

Sapphires come in every color in the rainbow. From beautiful yellow, traditional blue, rich red, vibrant green, and beautiful deep purple. Purple sapphires have been gaining in popularity due to their magnificent color and durability. Sapphires are 9.0 on the Mohs scale for hardness, that makes them an exceptionally durable stone that will be around for years to come. We have been looking for and purchasing purple sapphires as they become available. We have been making some remarkable rings with these gemstones. We are looking forward to continuing the collection with earrings and pendants in the near future. The purple sapphires we have been buying are truly delightful. We have been so impressed with them, that it has inspired us to put together a first series of rings that have been a real hit.

Purple sapphires are mined in Sri Lanka and Madagascar. Their colors can range from a pale violet to a deep regal purple. I like all of the different shades of these sapphires as each one has a unique personality. We have set purple sapphires in both white and rose gold. They adapt themselves well in any color metal. It seems that all the different color metals definitely highlights their beautiful purple color. Here is a gallery of our recently custom crafted purple sapphire rings

We strive at Richard Dolgins Private Jeweler to find the interesting and unusual to make your jewelry a truly unique experience. I feel that purple sapphires definitely fit this description with their unique color, durability and ease of incorporating into beautiful designs. 

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