Shopping For A Diamond

Our passion for diamonds continues and we love to pass on our professional knowledge to our clients.

At Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler it is my goal to make buying a diamond a delightful experience. I use my years of expertise and knowledge to teach you about the 4 Cs and what affects the price of this important purchase. No matter what size diamond you are shopping for, we will show you the differences and how each of these characteristics will affect the appearance and price of your diamond. The importance of educating yourself about a diamond purchase is monumental. Before an individual buys a car, television, or kitchen appliance they usually do vast research as to which one fits their budget and style. I have found many people walk into a store that advertises a lot and put all their faith into that organization and walk out with a ring without even knowing the size or quality of their center stone. This could set you up for a disappointment when you find out the quality of both the ring and diamond is not what you anticipated. 


All the diamonds that we sell, come with a diamond grading report from the top reputable diamond labs. The diamond grading report is a third party assessment of the quality of the stone. We use Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or EGL USA for our diamond reports. Both of these organizations are highly regarded and provide a first class diamond assessment that enhances the value of your stone. There are many other diamond reports that stores use, but they are not actually worth the paper they are printed on. I have many clients who bring what they believe to be a certified diamond to me, but they find out the diamond report is actually created by the retailer they purchased it from, and not a third party laboratory. A wonderful source to learn about diamonds and their diamond reports is the website for the GIA. This website can turn you into a diamond expert if you spend a little bit of time reading about the 4 Cs and the different aspects and ways diamonds are graded. Doing research on the GIA website can give you the knowledge to be sure you are buying what you really want. 

The basics of your diamond knowledge are encompassed within the 4 Cs: cut, color, clarity and carat weight. Combining these four factors determines the price and beauty of the diamond you pick out. I like to also mention a fifth C, confidence in the  jeweler you pick. My father used to say that jewelry is a very blind item. Meaning it is very difficult to determine what you are buying and the true differences between stores. Picking a jeweler that you trust, who can guide you through the purchase, and provides the proper paperwork such as an appraisal and certification is very important.

My office is set up to be a diamond lab, so I can actually teach you about the 4 Cs and show you in person the difference between stones. Once you establish a budget for your purchase, we can provide you with the proper ring and confidence that you made a wise choice. Here are some examples of what a diamond report looks like.

The diamond is the main part of your engagement ring purchase. It usually determines about 70% of the total price. The ring that holds the diamond can literally wear out over the years, but the diamond will last forever and can be passed to future generations. This is why spending the time and picking a center diamond deserves your attention and time. 

At Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler I am here to guide you through this purchase using my long term professional knowledge. Call and make an appointment so I can block out a period of time to teach you about diamonds. It is the part of my job that I enjoy the most.