The Diamond Shopping Experience at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler

I am passionate about diamonds. I love to buy diamonds, sell diamonds, sort diamonds, and watch people's reaction when they receive a beautiful diamond.



Part of my passion in my business experience has been to teach people about diamonds. Diamonds are a purchase that will last a lifetime. Getting a good education about this important purchase is such a good idea. There are so many different qualities of diamonds that making sure you buy something you are satisfied with for years to come is very important. Learning about the 4Cs is an essential prelude to buying a diamond. Starting by going to the Gemological Institute of America website and reading about the 4Cs can be invaluable to helping you with your purchase. The website is very informative and is not trying to sell you a diamond, but educate you about this important purchase. At Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler we will also give you all the information supplied at GIA and how each certified diamond we have fits into this diamond grading standard. This will help you establish the quality of stone that will fit into your budget. 

We carry a large selection of certified loose diamonds in every size, shape and price range. Each stone has been selected for its attributes and we will definitely have the correct diamond to fit into the budget you establish for your purchase. If you are looking for a particular diamond that we don't have in stock, we have wonderful trusted sources that have been established over my career to find you the perfect stone.

Here are some simple charts that illustrate the 4Cs.   

Come to Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler in Overland Park, Kansas, so I can share my passion for diamonds with you. I think you will truly enjoy the experience and purchase a diamond you will be proud of for years to come.