New Equipment To Keep Our Jewelry Shop "State of the Art"

We are always trying to improve our jewelry shop buy using the newest state of the art equipment so we can do a better job for you.

We recently purchased a new GRS GraverMax G8. GRS is an interesting company in Emporia Kansas that makes sophisticated equipment for many different industries. Our GraverMax is used for engraving designs into metal jewelry as well as doing a very beautiful type of diamond setting called bright cut. Bright setting encompasses having a flat surface and setting diamonds directly onto the surface and then engraving around the stones. This adds a beautiful level of detail to the jewelry. This is a very secure type of setting that will last for years. This type of diamond setting takes a flat surface and turns it into sparkles. Bright setting was very popular years ago, but its beauty is timeless. Bright setting is prevalent in vintage jewelry but it also appears to look very modern. With micropave, you make the small prongs into the design before the diamonds are set. With bright setting you start with a flat surface, drilling a hole for the diamond and then manipulate the metal using the GraverMax to make gorgeous engraved prongs during the setting process. 

We are going to incorporate bright setting into a number of styles for the future. We are in the midst of designing a number of wedding bands and engagement rings, using bright setting as the setting style for the diamonds. When designing a custom job for our clients that have a number of different sized diamonds, bright setting works extremely well.  You can incorporate all different size diamonds into one ring since the prongs are created around each diamond. 

Here are some examples of custom bright setting projects we have done recently.

Our new GraverMax also enables us to start doing hand engraving on your custom made rings at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler. True hand engraving is getting to be a lost art and we felt that buying this equipment would enable us to offer unique designs including hand engraving initials and decorative patterns. It will be awhile before we can offer this as Marsha is honing her technique with the new equipment. I am really excited about the possibilities this will offer in expanding our custom design experience.

Here are some examples of beautiful hand engraving of jewelry that we will be offering.

For your next custom project stop in to Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler. We would love to show you how bright setting and engraving are done and the possibilities they add for a beautiful, unique piece of jewelry.