Taking A Ring From The Past Into The Future

A client brought in her engagement ring that was 25 years old, worn out, and outdated. It turned into a delightful custom project, moving the ring into the future.

A client brought in a ring that had definitely seen better days. Styles have changed, gold had worn out and it was time for an update. We started by removing her diamonds from the original ring, over 36 nice diamonds total. We cleaned, gauged and millimeter these stones so we could re-purpose them into a new custom ring design. We millimeter the stones so we can lay them out properly in the new design. We used one size diamond around the center diamond halo. The remaining diamonds were tapered down the shank. We took the gold from the original engagement ring and applied it towards the cost of the new ring. After doing a number of drawings and after the client conducted some research we came up with a delightful custom design, using a wide double row band to our client's specifications. We designed and built the ring to be very durable. The new ring design was completely different than her original engagement ring, taking the old and moving into a new design era. This client was particularly delightful, which always makes our job so easy, so we can perform at our highest level. 

After doing thumbnail sketches with the client, we then did CAD/CAM design, which the client approved. After the CAD was completed we sent the file to be cast in white gold. When the rough casting arrived, Marsha started cleaning up the gold and getting it ready to set. After setting the diamonds the ring was polished to a beautiful finish and ready to deliver. Here are pictures of the process for making this beautiful ring.

When it is time to repurpose or redesign your wedding set, Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler is the place to call. We love the opportunity  to take sentimental jewelry from the past and turn it into jewelry for the future. Call for an appointment to start your custom project.