Unique Hand Crafted Mosaic Jewelry at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler

We discovered a wonderful Colorado artist that practices the beautiful art of Intarsia.

Intarsia is a process that involves inlaying different types of gemstones into a mosaic pattern. Pieces we have include the combination of turquoise, black opal, lapis, onyx, sugilite and dinosaur bone to make the most gorgeous Intarsia pieces I have ever seen. The stones selected for each piece beautifully complement each other while still creating a fascinating contrast. 

We have been lucky to buy some of these gemstones so we can create beautiful jewelry to wear. One of the most interesting materials we have used in multiple pendants is dinosaur bone. Dinosaur bone comes in various colors and patterns, making it very interesting to use in jewelry. It is a true conversation piece that is fascinating to talk about. We have created pendants and cuff links featuring this unique material.

Marsha created  custom pendants to set the Intarsia stones. Each piece was hand crafted to complement the shape and design of the gemstones. For some of the pieces a wax mold was carved for the pendant while others were hand constructed using 18k yellow gold. Each of these pieces is truly a work of art that will be treasured. 

For a totally unique gift for an upcoming anniversary, one of these pieces of art using Intarsia would be spectacular. Stop in to Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler to look at the one and only Instarsia pieces while they last.