June's birthstone, the alluring alexandrite

My favorite gemstone is alexandrite. This wondrous gemstone naturally changes colors depending on the light source under which it is viewed. Mother Nature never ceases to amaze.

Alexandrite is made of the mineral Chrysoberyl and was originally discovered in the Ural Mountains of Russia in the 1830s. Alexandrite is mined in Sri Lanka, East Africa, and Brazil, but is incredibly rare. The Russian and Brazilian material, in my opinion, are the most beautiful and have the most distinct color change. According to all of my sources, these mines that produce this incredible material are depleted. As stated on the GIA website:

"The newer deposits contain some fine-quality stones, but many display less-precise color change and muddier hues than the nineteenth-century Russian alexandrites. You’ll still find estate jewelry set with some of the famed Ural Mountain alexandrites. They remain the quality standard for this phenomenal gemstone."

I am always in search for gemstones from these original mining deposits as their beauty is unmatched. I am hoping to have a couple of stones for custom projects this holiday season. The prices for this genuine original product are extremely high. 

Believe it or not, this is the same alexandrite gemstone.

The alternative gemstone for June is pearl. Pearl jewelry is another wonder of nature. Pearl's origins are much the opposite of alexandrite. Cultured pearls are found inside of Akoya oysters and alexandrite is found deep in the earth. 

Customizing a beautiful piece of jewelry with pearl or alexandrite makes a wonderful custom project that will be remembered for years to come. We would love to work with you, taking your ideas and turning them into reality. Here are two examples of some alexandrite jewelry.


If you are looking for a June birthstone, stop in to Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler to talk to us about a special birthday gift.