We Specialize in Incredible Engagement Rings

Some of our best work goes into helping individuals plan and design an incredible engagement ring.

Whether it be a simple solitaire engagement ring, or a very unique ring with multiple diamonds, at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler we pride ourselves in putting together the best ring possible. The engagement ring denotes the start of a long term relationship and we try our best to make a special ring that will last for years to come. A single diamond engagement ring would seem to be a very simple product to select, set, and finish. But there are many rights and wrongs even when buying a solitaire.

First we only use die struck solitaires, meaning they are struck out of a die versus being cast. This means that the gold is much more durable and will last for years. The next step is setting the diamond into the solitaire. At Richard Dolgin our jeweler is a Master Jeweler and sets the diamonds by the book, meaning they are set and lined up correctly in the mounting so there are optimum prongs holding the stone. This sounds very simple but I have seen many rings over the years and wondered if it was the first diamond the individual had ever set. Marsha has been setting diamonds for over 40 years and it is only experience that allows a diamond setter to learn how to do it properly. A properly set diamond should stay in the mounting for years without any problems. Here are some pictures of solitaire engagement rings we have sold.

The other aspect of incredible engagement rings that we specialize in, are creating custom rings that are completely unique and different. We have made many unique engagement rings using different colored gemstones for the center stone. These are fun to wear and unique to the individual personality. Individuals bring in ideas about their dream ring, which we can interpret into reality using our years of experience and modern jeweler techniques. 

For a totally unique engagement ring or a traditional solitaire, stop in to Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler in Overland Park to view our extensive diamond selection and experience our top craftsmanship.