Your Summer Vacation Money May Be Sitting In Your Jewelry Box

It is summer vacation time and travelling can be so expensive. Selling your unwanted jewelry may be a great alternative to raise some funds for that family trip.

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We continue to buy gold, diamonds and platinum. It is amazing what may be sitting around unworn for years and forgotten about, that may have great value. At Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler we will help you assay the value of your gold, platinum, and gemstones and determine if it may be worthwhile for you to turn them into cash. Using our state of the art facility and our knowledge and experience, we are excellent at evaluating your valuables and working to pay you the fairest price possible. 

We do not buy every item that is presented to us. Many people have the notion that we will buy any and all jewelry. When looking at diamond I look for shapes and sizes that are in demand and can be resold. When buying gold, most items are being sold for scrap, so we pay a fair price for the percentage of pure gold in the piece. There are some unique items or estate pieces that we will buy to resell in our estate collection for which we will pay a premium.  

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In our Overland Park jewelry studio we provide a discreet and professional atmosphere in which to evaluate and buy your jewelry. We respect your privacy and will work with you in a professional manner to turn your valuables into cash.

If you have unworn jewelry you would like to sell, give us a call so we can set up a time to evaluate your treasures and make you an offer.