Using a Color Gemstone For Your Engagement Ring

We have had requests and have created many engagement rings over the last year featuring a color gemstone. We have used ruby, sapphires of many colors, emerald, and turquoise. 

Using a different color gemstone in your engagement ring can really make it unique and stand out from the crowd. It is fun to pick the color of your choice and then find the perfect gemstone to complement this important ring. Using a color gemstone gives the opportunity to be very unique in your design, complementing the stone with side diamonds to enhance the beautiful color of the center stone. If you have a particular color in mind, we will work with you to determine the best shape and size for your engagement ring design. Not all color stones adapt themselves well for a center stone in an engagement ring that would be worn daily. Some color gemstones have magnificent beauty, but aren't durable enough to be worn on a daily basis. Some color gemstones abrade or chip very easily, so you must be careful when picking the proper stone. 

Sapphires and rubies work extremely well as center stones as they are very durable and can be worn on a daily basis. Sapphires also come in every color of the rainbow so it is easy to pick the color of your choice while having it be durable and wearable on a daily basis. A sapphire we have used lately, that sets up beautiful in rose gold is a peach color sapphire. These peach color sapphires are extremely unique and beautiful. Here are some wonderful images of engagement rings featuring color gemstones.

If you have dreamed of a beautiful color center stone in your engagement ring, stop in to Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler in Overland Park to discuss the color gemstone of your choice.