Remember To Clean and Check Your Jewelry

People spend hours, days, months looking for the ideal piece of jewelry. You spend a significant amount of money for your beautiful jewelry treasures, but then many people forget that jewelry requires regular care - cleaning and checking.

Jewelry is not indestructible, everyday wear can wear down prongs, compromise the integrity of the tips holding in gemstones, and definitely add dirt and grime to the underside of your gemstones. After spending so much time looking for the perfect piece of jewelry, a simple amount of daily maintenance will keep your valuable treasures looking beautiful and avoid any lost valuable gemstones. 

I recommend that rings are cleaned and checked at least once a year, and preferably every six months. Any jewelry purchased from Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler, past or present, can have a basic clean and check conducted free of charge. When you bring in your jewelry, if we see other maintenance that has to be done, we will give you a reasonable estimate for any work needed, so that you can keep your jewelry in top condition. I have found that most people are very diligent in keeping their jewelry beautiful for the first two or three years that they own it. As time passes they get complacent and forget to do their maintenance. If you own a car, you must do periodic oil changes and replace filters and tires on a regular basis or you will run into a problem. This same analogy holds true for your jewelry. People also forget how beautiful their jewelry was and get used to it looking dull and dirty. With minimal time on a weekly basis, you can keep your jewelry looking beautiful. By learning to check your prongs, tips, and gemstones you can get a problem fixed before you have the ordeal of an expensive lost gemstone. Keeping a ring maintained as you go, is less expensive than having to go through a replacement or major refurbishing. 

We sell an excellent quality jewelry cleaner that works extremely well in keeping your jewelry clean. I actually recommend a daily cleaning in this solution that takes about 30 seconds and will keep your jewelry beautiful.  At minimum a cleaning once a week, will accomplish a lot in keeping your jewelry looking good. The one thing I say about our jewelry cleaner, is that 'it only works of you use it'. Just buying the cleaner and having it on your dresser will not keep your jewelry clean.

Jewelry Cleaner available at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler

Jewelry Cleaner available at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler

In our jewelry studio we use state of the art equipment to conduct clean and checks. When you bring your jewelry in we will inspect your treasures and clean it with our high pressure steamer, ionic cleaner, and ultrasonic bath. We can rhodium plate worn white gold. We also have a dedicated polishing station to bring out each pieces unique beauty. 

How long has it been since your last clean and check? Your jewelry is a valuable asset and sentimentally charged. Take care of your treasured jewelry! 

Contact us at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler in Overland Park to schedule a clean and check. Remember a standard clean and check is free for any jewelry purchased from me.