The Bracelet Project Continues

Many years ago we started the bracelet project when a client asked us to design a unique bracelet to showcase a coin they inherited. 

Marsha did a number of designs for our client all of which became the start of what we call "The Bracelet Project". Over the years we have tried to design a new bracelet each year to add to the collection and then make subtle changes to the original bracelet designs. The bracelets vary in style, width, and metals to make each one unique. We have made many bracelets using sterling silver and 14k gold. Combining the different textures and metals gives each bracelet its own unique personality. Here is the picture of the original designs that started "The Bracelet Project".

After making the original designs we came up with many more bracelet designs over the last 8 years. Our coin, fan coral, cactus, Mokume Gane and wave bracelet designs make up the core of our bracelet project. We are happy to say that the bracelets have become so popular that we have been selling out of them during the holiday season. We started recreating bracelets in January and have now completed seven new bracelets that are absolutely gorgeous. We have made two bracelets that are extremely wide cuffs, made of sterling silver and 14k gold, with cognac colored diamonds that are truly a fashion statement. Two additional new bracelets feature new Mokume designs that suggest a star pattern and a tree bark pattern. Here are some pictures of bracelets from our bracelet collection.


We will be completing a few more bracelets in between custom jobs. If you are interested in getting one of our unique bracelets from "The Bracelet Project" stop in early as these individual pieces of art will sell quickly.