An Exciting Custom Ring Project

One of our favorite types of custom projects involves taking jewelry from the past and turning it into new jewelry that can be worn in the future.

A client of my mine wanted to re-purpose her wedding set into jewelry she could wear on a daily basis. Her wedding set was an engagement ring and wedding band set with many princess cut diamonds of various sizes. The goal was to come up with designs for jewelry that could be worn on a daily basis using these stones with sentimental value.

Original Wedding Set

Original Wedding Set

We talked about some of the design characteristics she wanted in the new jewelry and decided to custom craft right hand rings and a pendant using all of the princess cut diamonds. Stackable rings are so popular that we decided to use most of the stones in two stackable rings, one of rose gold and one made of white gold. We came up with a design, bezel setting the princess cut diamonds in two rings that would fit against one another. After pulling the princess cut diamonds from the wedding set, we laid them out and Marsha did a thumbnail sketch so we could start a CAD design. The stones turned out to be all different sizes, because the channels in the original ring were tapered. With the final design we decided upon, each bezel we used had to be made specifically for each individual diamond, which made this work a real challenge. We took the center 1.0 ct diamond and two of the larger side diamonds from the engagement ring and decided to use them in a pendant matching the rings.

After the entire design was approved, we started on the CAD design. The CAD design was approved and one of the bands was cast in 14k rose gold, one in 14k white gold and the pendant in white gold. Marsha cleaned up the casting and started the setting process. Setting princess cuts in bezels is a challenge even for the most talented jeweler, and these were no exception. Marsha took her time and set the stones beautifully in the bands and pendant. The end results are truly stunning and I believe we achieved all of the goals that our client set out for us. Here is a picture of the finished pieces from this intricate custom jewelry project.

If you have a custom project in mind, whether simple or complicated, stop in to Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler so we can help you design beautiful new jewelry from things of the past.