Sell Your Unwanted Diamond and Gold

The holidays are behind us and the bills are starting to flow in. Wouldn’t a little extra cash be appreciated at this time.

We Buy Diamonds and Gold

We Buy Diamonds and Gold

We are working our hardest to pay you top dollar for your diamonds and gold. Many of us have jewelry sitting in a jewelry box or safe deposit box that we no longer need. Bring these items in and we will assay their value and make you as fair an offer as possible based on today’s market value. Most of the jewelry we buy, we ultimately sell for scrap. We do not pay retail prices for your jewelry. There are many instances where we will pay a premium for beautiful antique jewelry items that are in good condition or top end designer jewelry.

The process of selling your diamonds or gold is straight forward. It is best to call and make an appointment as we stay very busy and want to give you our personal attention. It is also very helpful to provide us with a description and a picture of the item so we can determine if we are interested in purchasing your jewelry. This step can also save you time if we are not interested in making an offer.

When you bring your jewelry to our Overland Park jewelry studio, first we evaluate your item. If I am interested I make you and offer. If you accept the offer we will write you a check. It is that easy.

If you have unwanted jewelry you’d like to turn into cash, contact us and we can schedule an appointment to get started.