Repurposing a Marquise Wedding Set

A client recently came in with a wedding set purchased from me years ago that needed major repairs. A decision was made to design and make a new ring versus repairing her original wedding set.

Many times a decision needs to be made about doing major repairs to a worn our ring or taking the diamonds and putting them into a new style mounting. For some people this decision is hard to make because there is a lot of sentiment associated with their ring. Other people are ready for a new look. Our latest project involved working with a client whose ring was going to have to be repaired or reset. Our client decided to design an entirely new ring. She wanted to pick a style that worked well with her medical profession which entailed putting gloves on and off on a regular basis. We looked at a number of styles and decided a bezel set ring would work well and would give her a totally different look than her original wedding set. She decided that she liked the look of setting her marquise center diamond horizontally with a halo. We used all of the diamonds from her wedding band and added a few to finish off the halo around her marquise center diamond.

We started this project reviewing a number of designs. The final design combined a number of aspects of different rings she liked. We did a CAD/CAM model, which was approved. Then cast the ring in 14k white gold, set the diamonds, and did the final polish and finishing work. The ring came out really well, fitting her lifestyle as well as making a new fashion statement.

Here are some images showing stages of the project.

This new ring setting actually makes the center stone appear larger and gave the client a new look. She can enjoy her diamonds for years to come.

If you have a wedding set that needs updating, stop in to Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler so we can work our magic and make you a special new ring.