Turn Your Unwanted Gold or Diamonds into Money for Spring Break

Spring Break is around the corner and some extra cash might be sitting around forgotten at the bottom of a drawer.

At Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler we offer a discreet environment where you can sell your gold or diamonds. When you bring your unwanted jewelry to our studio, first we inspect it to determine the type of metal you have and its purity. If you have diamonds it is helpful if you have a diamond grading report. We inspect diamonds with our jewelry studio scope and loupe.

Yellow gold jewelry is always an alloy, meaning it is gold combined with another metal for strength or color. When determine the price we can pay you for gold, we use the percentage of pure gold in your item. Here is a helpful chart that indicates different karats and their respective percentage of pure gold.

  • 24 karat = 100 fine = 100%

  • 22 karat = 917 fine = 91.7%

  • 18 karat = 750 fine = 75.0 %

  • 14 karat = 585 fine = 58.5%

  • 10 karat = 416 fine = 41.6%

An important thing to keep in mind when selling gold or diamond jewelry is also that the price you originally paid included design work, labor, setting, taxes, etc. When selling gold our price cannot account for those past costs. We are paying for pure gold that will be combined with pieces and often sent to a refinery.

On occasion, rare pieces may even have more value whole. In those cases if there is a resale market I may advise selling the piece whole rather than just for the gold metal.

I am always on the market for large diamonds. If you have jewelry pieces with large diamonds you would like to sell please give us a call and set up an appointment so that we may review your items.

If you would like some extra Spring Break money, call Richard Dolgin today to set up an appointment to sell your unwanted diamonds or gold.