Jewelry Repair At Its Best

There is a real art to doing expert jewelry repair. At Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler, we do our very best to do the finest jewelry repair in the Kansas City area.

Over the years we have done thousands of repairs on many different types of jewelry. The only way you get better at doing the best jewelry repair is to do a lot of it and learn from your mistakes in the past. We take great pride in repairing so that your jewelry will become wearable and something you don’t need to worry about. Sometimes this is harder to accomplish depending on the design construction of the jewelry.

The number one type of repair that we have done over the years is sizing rings. Clients call me many times and ask how much we charge to size a ring. This question is almost impossible to answer without seeing the ring to determine the type of metal, the number of stones, the setting style of the stones, the width of the shank (back of the ring), and the number of sizes the change requires. All of these factors determine the amount of time and materials needed for the repair. The technique involved, whether you are going to solder or use the laser welder are different depending on many of the factors above. When you are done sizing, refinishing the ring to look brand new is also determined by the amount of work that was done. So as you can see the question of how much it is to size a ring, is a difficult question to answer without inspecting the ring in person.

Sizing a ring

Sizing a ring

The second most common repair is replacing prongs or tips, which hold in the precious gemstones. Over time, prongs and tips wear away, just like tires on a car. As they wear, stones are more likely to fall out of the ring and be lost. Re-tipping rings using the laser welder is a very intricate and time consuming process. Using a laser welder to re-tip rings is an incredible process that can add years of daily wear to a ring. Before having a laser welder available to the industry, all prongs had to be replaced with a torch and solder, which was definitely more of a temporary fix. It is amazing what Marsha can accomplish using her laser welder to do these intricate repairs.

Another thing we love to do is refurbish antique jewelry, which can involve many repair techniques for one piece of jewelry. It is so much fun to take a worn out antique piece of jewelry and give it life again. It is so much fun to take a ring from the past and turn it into something that can be enjoyed on a daily basis.

If you have jewelry that is in need of repair, please contact us at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler. We will set at time to look at your jewelry and get an estimate to get it in wonderful condition.