Custom Family Bracelet Project

We started the Bracelet Project years ago making custom made bracelets in our shop in Overland Park Kansas.

We started with four designs and we have tried to add a new bracelet every year. Some of the styles have endured and we continue to refine designs and make new versions of these bracelets. While some designs turned out to be one and only projects. Each of these bracelets is an individual piece of art designed to be worn either casually or for a special occasion. We have made these bracelets durable so they are easy to wear on a daily basis. Each of the bracelet styles is totally unique to Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler.

Here are some of the bracelets we have made over the years.

A client stopped in to do a custom ring project and during her visits began to admire our custom bracelet collection. She fell in love with the cactus core design bangle bracelet and we started to discuss making a version of this bracelet for her using her children’s birthstones with a yellow gold border. The client decided she wanted the bracelet a little narrower than the one we had in stock. So using these ingredients we started on a custom bracelet project. The birthstones that we added were a diamond, rhodolite garnet, and blue sapphire. We bezel set the stones in 14 karat white gold bezels inlaid into the sterling silver cactus core pattern. With the yellow gold border, sterling silver cactus core center, and the inlaid stones the combination came out beautiful. Here is a picture of the finished bracelet.

Sterling silver cactus core bracelet with 14 karat yellow gold border

Sterling silver cactus core bracelet with 14 karat yellow gold border

We truly enjoy doing custom projects for our clients that have a true personal meaning. This bracelet we know will be cherished for years and eventually passed on as an heirloom to future generations.

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