The Perfect Engagement Diamond

Is your relationship maturing to the point of making it forever? Then an engagement diamond is in your future.

We have been accumulating a beautiful high quality diamond inventory at remarkable prices.  From a 0.25 carat to 5.0 carat, I have the perfect diamond to meet your budget and diamond quality needs. In our state of the art gem lab, we can sit down using our diamond tools to teach you about the 4 Cs and how they relate to the price of diamonds. 

Here are some pictures of what you can expect when you visit our gem lab for your buying experience.

Here are some pictures of engagement rings we have created and sold at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler.

Finding the perfect diamond can be a scary experience. At Richard Dolgin Private jeweler we are here to work with you to make an educated selection. 


Sell Your Gold To Get Cash For Your Year End Needs

It never ends; bills, school expenses, and holidays on the horizon. Money may be laying in a drawer or safety deposit box. 

Turn your unwanted jewelry into cash to help ease the burden of bills that come with this time of year. We are paying top dollar for diamonds and precious metals. In our state of the art studio we will do a fair evaluation of your treasures to get you the top dollar. 

Make an appointment, gather your valuables, and stop in to Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler to get that holiday cash.

Selling A Diamond Doesn't Have To Be Difficult

When you find yourself with a diamond you want to sell, perhaps from an estate, inheritance, or broken engagement come to Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler.

We will use our professional experience and tools to evaluate your diamond to get you the very best price possible.  I am always looking for larger center stones and will pay a premium for high quality diamonds. If your stone has been evaluated by a gem lab be sure to bring in the diamond report as this will add to the price we can pay.

The first thing people ask when they call is "How do you sell a diamond?" We keep the process as simple and fair as possible. First you bring in the diamond for evaluation. During evaluation we determine the 4Cs - cut, clarity, color and carat weight. Once the value has been established and a price agreed upon the diamond is removed from its setting and weighed and checked one more time. If everything is correct, we write you a check. It is that simple. 

Our goal at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler is to get you and optimum price for that unwanted diamond and keep the process as simple as possible. Call for an appointment so that we can give our undivided attention.

1 carat, 2 carat, 3 carat ROCK!

Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler - the intelligent source for large diamonds in the Kansas City area.

At Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler we pride ourselves in having exemplary knowledge of diamonds to share with you and providing you with the highest quality service. My expertise and access to many sources helps me bring you many diamonds to choose from in a range of sizes and prices. In our discreet upscale gem lab we can show you the differences between qualities so you can make an educated decision about this important purchase.


Lately we have been selling many large diamonds. Here are some pictures of diamonds we have recently sold.

Whether you are looking for a 1 carat, 2 carat, or 3 carat rockRichard Dolgin should be your first and last stop for purchasing a large diamond.



Custom Made Engagement Ring

We love a challenge, when we are asked to make custom crafted jewelry.

This beautiful engagement ring definitely posed elements of surprise during the creation process. The client sent us a design that his fiance had fallen in love with for us to recreate.  We first picked the center diamond, which was a 1.40 carat round brilliant diamond with a diamond report from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). After finding the center stone we started to create a most unusual ring.

When looking at the picture of the ring she loved, we didn't initially realize that there were kite shape side diamonds in the ring. After realizing this, we had to figure out the correct size and quality diamonds needed and reach out to our fancy diamond sources to find the side diamonds. We found the correct pair in Israel and had them sent via Federal Express.  

Kite shape diamonds

Kite shape diamonds

We decided that this intricate ring needed to be creating using the CAD/CAM process. We worked hard to get all the details the client asked for in this very unique ring.

Here are some final pictures of the split shank ring featuring the center diamond, kite shape side diamonds, and 77 round brilliant side diamonds.

If you are looking for a beautiful center diamond and an unusual engagement ring to set it in, Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler in Overland Park Kansas is the place to go for your custom project.


Updating Your Diamond

Are you looking to update your wedding set? 

After years of wear many ladies are ready to update the look of their wedding ring. If you don't want to replace the center diamond, which has sentimental value, there are many alternatives to update the style. 

We recently updated a ladies 1.0 carat oval diamond that was set in a yellow gold ring into a platinum ring with a double halo. We looked at many designs and picked a stunning ring that complimented her diamond and fit her finger well. We went to the design studio and found this luxurious design.

Stop in to Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler when you are ready for a change and we will help you design a gorgeous piece of jewelry you will cherish for years to come.

Looking For Diamonds

I am currently in the market for round brilliant diamonds.

I am always in the market, looking to buy diamonds of all kinds. If you have a diamond you want to sell, contact Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler in our discreet location. We will value your diamond and make you as fair and offer as possible. At this time, I am particularly in need of round diamonds weighing from 1.25 carat to 2.00 carat.

Stop in to sell your diamonds at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler in Overland Park Kansas.

Selling Diamonds in the Kansas City Area

If you are looking to sell your diamond come to Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler.

For whatever reason you have a diamond to sell I can help you and give the best price, discrete service, and quick payment. We have been helping people over the last few years by buying unwanted diamonds at very fair prices. 

No matter what shape or size, we will be happy to make you an offer on your diamond.

No matter what shape or size, we will be happy to make you an offer on your diamond.

Please call for an appointment as we have been very busy lately and I like to dedicate my time and expertise to you during the diamond selling process. We have all of the state of the art equipment to be able to evaluate your diamond to give you the optimum price.

Making an offer

Making an offer

Selling a diamond can be a confusing and stressful experience. I am here at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler to guide you through the process and make you a fair offer.