Enchanting and Elegant Emeralds – May’s Birthstone

Green, what an appropriate color for spring and the May birthstone.

The green color of emeralds, with a range from light to deep forest green, has enchanted people throughout the centuries. In ancient Rome, emeralds were associated with Venus, the goddess of love, while Ancient Greeks wore emeralds in honor of Aphrodite. Today emeralds are mined around the world in locations such as Columbia, Pakistan, Russia, Afghanistan and Brazil.

Rough uncut emerald

Rough uncut emerald

Emeralds historically have been associated with healing, fertility and beauty. In addition to their beauty, the rarity of emeralds adds to their value. Emeralds are rare because one of the main elements that make an emerald an emerald, beryllium, is uncommon and found in a very specific layer of the earth. Other elements that create the unique color, chromium and vanadium, are even more rare.

Because of their chemical composition emeralds often contain inclusions and are rarely flawless. Emeralds can be somewhat fragile gems. Care should be taken when wearing emeralds, keeping them away from exposure to heat, chemicals, and harsh blows.

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Here are some examples of our custom creations featuring emeralds.

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Diamonds From The Past Made Into Something New

A recent project gave us the opportunity to create a one of a kind ring designed with diamonds and emeralds set in white gold.

A client came to us hoping to create a new ring using diamonds from the past and and adding emeralds. The client brought in an initial idea for the design of her ring. As the project matured the design continued to change as we picked gorgeous emeralds and additional diamonds. The final design was a split shank ring using emeralds and diamonds with a beautiful center diamond. 

We have a passion for taking family heirlooms and incorporating them into a new custom crafted piece of jewelry for future generations to enjoy. At Richard Dolgin Private jeweler this is one of our specialties.