Crafting a Matching Wedding Band

A while ago a very artistic gentlemen stopped in to our Overland Park jewelry studio to discuss making a very unique and artistic wedding set. 

We completed the wedding set with an absolutely wonderful engagement ring and wedding band using diamonds from past generations and a unique Etruscan inspired design.

Custom designed wedding set in 18k gold and platinum

Custom designed wedding set in 18k gold and platinum

As the wedding draws near, my client returned to design his matching band. Deciding on a wide band, using the same hammered finish that we used on the wedding set, the unique design was established. Using a palladium 10 mm wide band with a hammered finish and attaching a 2 mm 18k yellow gold highly polished band, the unique design was accomplished.

Gent's matching wedding band in palladium and 18k yellow gold

Gent's matching wedding band in palladium and 18k yellow gold

We love to create unique jewelry that is as unique as our clients.

A Wedding To Remember

As some of you may have noticed, I have been out of my office at a grand occasion, my youngest  son's wedding. 

David lives in Vermont and married his college sweetheart Amanda. David recently started up his own company Shacksbury Cider, which sells hard apple cider. Amanda is in graduate school working towards a master's in education. The theme of their wedding was pies since that was how they originally bonded. 

Since he is my first son to get engaged, David gave Amanda my wife's original engagement ring which is a round brilliant diamond set in a platinum solitaire mounting. Handing down the ring I originally gave to my wife 33 years ago, to my son brought to mind how sentimental and important the purchase of a diamond is. To me this is the essence of what jewelry means. The importance of unforgettable memories embedded in this timeless gem.

From one generation to the next.

From one generation to the next.

In my opinion, a solitaire engagement ring is still the most timeless symbol of a lifelong commitment. I love selling beautiful diamonds that are set in the simplistic elegance of a solitaire engagement ring. 

I was lucky enough to have saved a gorgeous platinum and 18k rose gold wedding band knowing that my son's would eventually get married. Along with this David and Amanda picked out an 18k rose gold band to go with her engagement ring. I wish David and Amanda a wonderful life together.

I appreciate the opportunity to be involved in helping you pick the ring that will commemorate your life together. I take this responsibility very seriously and will do everything in my power to help you find the perfect ring.



Lost Gents Wedding Band

We recently recreated a customer's wedding band from the past. 

After losing a gorgeous gents diamond wedding band, a longtime customer now in Texas, contacted us to recreate the ring from the past. We were lucky to find that in our archives we had a picture of the ring he purchased many years ago. 

We started the process by creating a new wax model of the band. We sent the wax model to Texas for final approval, to make sure the model was to the customer's satisfaction. I picked five matching top quality princess cut diamonds to channel set in the 14k yellow gold ring.  Marsha cleaned up the casting and channel set the diamonds. I have to say, I think the new band is even better than the original.

Whether you are in the market for a piece of jewelry from our large collection, creating a special one of a kind piece of jewelry, or finding the gemstone of your dreams, come to Richard Dolgin Private Jewelers in Overland Park Kansas.