Turn Your Gold Into Golden Days on the Beach

We are still buying your gold and diamonds to help you pay for that golden summer vacation.

Gold is still at a wonderful price. It is a good time to bring in your unwanted jewelry.

We will pay the fairest prices in the area for your treasures. Using state of the art equipment we will evaluate your valuables to give you the proper value.

For the best prices in the Kansas City area stop by Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler.




A Gold Vacation

Your Summer vacation funds may be laying in your drawer.

It is a great time to gather your old treasures, inheritances, and unworn gold jewelry to sell. If you have gold jewelry with gemstones to sell we will use our knowledge in our discreet jewelry studio to assess your items to give you the fairest price possible. 


Some of the articles we buy are re-purposed into custom  jewelry projects. Others are sent to the refinery or sold on a wholesale level. When I buy your jewelry the end goal is to make some profit. If that is not possible I may choose not to purchase your item. When you sell your valuables you do not recoup the cost for the labor or profit originally captured in the retail price.

It is important to remember, the individual buying your old gold or diamonds, is not going to pay more than he pays within the industry. You are selling the pure metal and diamondsYou will still be receiving a fair price based on scrap value.

Gold used in jewelry is mixed with alloy which could be copper, silver, or nickel. After the alloys are added, these are the percent gold, The Karat System, used for jewelry.

  •  100 % = 100 fine = 24 karat
  •  91.7 % = 917 fine = 22 karat
  •  75.0 % = 750 fine = 18 karat
  •  58.5 % = 585 fine = 14 karat
  •  41.6 % = 416 fine = 10 karat

When you sell metal that has alloy mixed, to lower the percentage of pure metal, you do not get paid for the alloy. In other words if a piece of jewelry is 10 karat gold, you will be paid for the 41.6% of pure gold; the 59.4% of alloy is melted away. The same goes for the other karat percentages. The only dollars paid for scrap are for the pure gold.

The vacation of your dreams may be on the horizon, paid for with that gold sitting in your drawer. Call to make an appointment to get the best prices in the Kansas City area.


Selling Your Small Diamonds

Behind the scenes there is a great amount of work that goes into recycling different quality diamonds.

When I buy diamonds in existing jewelry that get taken out of the piece, there are many steps before they get a new life in a custom crafted piece of new jewelry. I often acquire pieces of jewelry made many years ago that is sold for scrap. We remove the diamonds from the old piece to be recycled into the industry to make new jewelry. 

There are many steps to this process. First the piece is cleaned before the diamonds are removed. In our state of the art  jewelry shop, the diamonds are taken out of the jewelry, using various methods so as not to break or lose the diamonds. Next the diamonds are put into a stainless steel basket and are soaked in alcohol for a few days to loosen up the accumulated years worth of grime. Then the diamonds are put into an ammonia and strong detergent bath in an ultrasonic cleaner to continue the cleaning process. Once clean, the diamonds are dried and then put on a sorting pad to be sorted by size and quality.  Here is a picture of the work in progress.


Diamonds and color stones being sorted

Diamonds and color stones being sorted

Sorting loose diamonds takes hours of time and a lot of patience. Most jewelers don't take the time to sort their break out diamonds because of the time and expense. The break out diamonds are often sold back to the jewelry trade to firms that specialize in this process. I was brought up and taught to reclaim breakout diamonds since I was in my teens. This is a process I really enjoy and consider it a hobby. 

People often wonder why the small diamonds in their jewelry don't command a larger price. It is because of all of the the steps I have outlined above that are required to get them back into usable condition. When small diamonds are going into a ring your cost includes cutting, setting, and profit. When you sell your ring back to me, I cannot pay for those past expenses, but I incur expense myself as mentioned above.

Bring in your unwanted jewelry to Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler to sell for the fairest price in the Kansas City metro area.