Fall Colors in Citrine for November Birthdays

Like the beauty of Fall, November birthstone Citrine brings warm and fiery colors to your jewelry collection.

Citrine is a rare gem that gets its range of yellow and orange coloring from traces of iron. Citrine a quartz crystal is know for its durability and affordability. This gemstone is predominately mined in Brazil and Bolivia. Here is a gorgeous emerald cut 28.7 carat gorgeous gold and yellow citrine that I have in stock. Come by and help design a special piece of jewelry for yourself using this amazing gemstone.

Here are some interesting pictures of Citrine.

Gold and fiery, could these be he adjectives that describe your next gemstone purchase? Stop in to Richard Dolgin Private Jewelers and we will find you a special citrine for that special person.





A red hot ruby for a hot time in July

With fireworks going off in the month of July maybe a red hot ruby should be in your future.

Ruby in the rough

Ruby in the rough

Rubies are said to provide health, wealth and wisdom to the wearer. The name “Ruby” comes from the Latin word for red, "ruber". People don't realize that ruby and sapphire are the same material, members of the corundum mineral family. Rubies have a hardness of 9.0 on the Mohs scale, which make them ideal for jewelry. The only mineral that is rated higher is a diamond. 

In the market there are many treated gems called rubies. Often corundum deposits can be treated with heat, which is an accepted treatment in the industry. Unfortunately there are many other treatments that corrupt the stone, so the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) does not consider these to be authentic gemstones but a manufacture product. Some of the unaccepted treatments include fusing with glass, oiling, waxing and dyeing.  If you are looking for a ruby it is good to do research and find a reliable source as there are very few rubies that not have undergone some sort of treatment.  There are rubies available that are naturally beautiful without treatment. These stones will be extremely expensive. The only way to verify what treatments have been performed on a ruby is to send the stone to a reputable gem lab like the GIA that has an electron microscope. The electron microscope is used to detect any foreign material or processes that may have been performed on the stone.

Don't be scared away from buying a ruby, but buyer beware. It pays to educate yourself and work with a reputable jeweler to find your special July birthstone.

At Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler we can help you through the process to find a red stone that fits your needs.


Updating Your Diamond

Are you looking to update your wedding set? 

After years of wear many ladies are ready to update the look of their wedding ring. If you don't want to replace the center diamond, which has sentimental value, there are many alternatives to update the style. 

We recently updated a ladies 1.0 carat oval diamond that was set in a yellow gold ring into a platinum ring with a double halo. We looked at many designs and picked a stunning ring that complimented her diamond and fit her finger well. We went to the design studio and found this luxurious design.

Stop in to Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler when you are ready for a change and we will help you design a gorgeous piece of jewelry you will cherish for years to come.

Custom Made Jewelry

If you have inherited beautiful gemstones let's get creative and make them into a piece of jewelry for the future, to help you remember the past.

Creating custom jewelry designs in our state of the art studio is one of our favorite specialties at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler. A client recently brought in five old European cut diamonds that she inherited from her grandmother. She wanted an everyday ring that would be durable yet very fashionable and of course unique. 

After working closely with us to understand her personal style we designed this ring. Marsha first created a sterling silver model of the shank to create the initial mold. Then we had the ring cast in 14k yellow gold. The top of the ring was constructed out of tubing that were all cut and assembled to follow the shape of our client's finger.  Here is the beautiful final result. 

Whatever your custom jewelry project may be, we can turn your dreams into reality at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler.

Dripping With Diamonds

Once in awhile we have a truly unique project that makes use of all of our creative skills.

A delightful client recently came to me to discuss selling some unused jewelry. After assessing her jewelry and determining the value we began discussions about her upcoming engagement. She used the credit from the jewelry she sold towards a new gorgeous oval diamond.  We looked at many diamonds to finally decide on a 3.46 carat oval diamond with a fabulous cut and color.

3.46 carat oval diamond in a solitaire

3.46 carat oval diamond in a solitaire

The final objective of this project was to make a stunning one of a kind wedding ring "dripping with diamonds".

We started the design project, picking out many styles we thought were appropriate. After three meetings we came up with the final design. Early designs were in all platinum and as we progressed my client decided she would like to have some 18k gold mixed into the design.

After the model was completed, the ring was sent off to be cast in 5 different pieces. Three in 18k yellow gold and two parts in platinum. Once we received the castings Marsha cleaned each part and started the assembly.

Ring parts to be assembled

Ring parts to be assembled

After the ring was assembled, I started matching top quality diamonds to be set. Each prong and setting had to be cleaned up and the 103 diamonds were set. All prongs were manicured and cleaned before the final polish. Here is the finished product, "dripping with diamonds".

If you are looking for a spectacular custom diamond ring come by Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler and let's start the project together.

It's A Great Time to Plan Your Custom Jewelry Project

Have you been dreaming about creating a special piece of jewelry totally unique to you?

If you are thinking about having a custom crafted piece of jewelry made this year, it is a great time to get the ball rolling. Our custom schedule keeps getting busier and busier. Instead of waiting until the last minute, stop in and we can start discussing the possibilities of your idea. Each piece of custom jewelry starts with a conversation about your ideas as well as the budget, materials, and designs needed to create the perfect piece of jewelry.

Here are some of our most recent custom projects.

Using our superior design techniques, state of the art casting, and superb craftsmanship we create a beautiful heirloom piece of jewelry. This process of custom crafting an item takes time, so planning in advance is important.

Taking inherited jewels from the past and combining them to make a beautiful piece for the future is one of my favorite aspects of what we do.

Stop in to Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler, in Overland Park to start creating an heirloom piece of jewelry for the future.